AIRCARE is awarded the Human Services Award, by Caron Bermuda.

AIRCARE Ltd., which has been acknowledged in 2010, 2011 and 2012 as one of Bermuda’s TOP Ten Employers, has made a firm commitment to its employees with the establishment of a Proactive Drug and Alcohol program which facilitates “one on one” personal and confidential support when required. Through a consultative process that extended to the government ministry level, AIRCARE provides a level of support and counseling that retains employee services while managing employee infractions. This level of compassion and understanding as provided through AIRCARE as an employer, ultimately led to the employee recognizing and appreciating the benefits both professional and personal of adhering to the policies. Through a structured and pragmatic approach, AIRCARE is dedicated to the overall wellness of their employees, with the implementation of various wellness programmes, and continues to be a leader in their industry, understanding that the health of their employees and the quality of their services work “Hand in Hand”.

About Caron Bermuda

The impact of substance abuse remains one of the greatest challenges that Bermuda has ever faced. The effects of this problem on the health and safety of the community and the economy have been, and continue to be, of great concern to the people of Bermuda. Caron Bermuda is here to help. Without patient services, direct access to off-island quality residential treatment and on-island non-residential continuing care programs, Caron Bermuda is poised to help the people of Bermuda throughout the recovery process. We have expanded our clinical offerings with a focused approach on the treatment of our youth and their families in our earlier partnership with PRIDE in 2006 and our most recent relationship with Bermuda Youth Counseling Services (BYCS), with the development of an Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programme (AIOP), established in 2011 . These relationships demonstrate our sincere commitment to public/private collaborations within our community, and the building of an enduring capacity into the future.

Caron Bermuda is a not-for-profit Bermuda subsidiary of Caron Treatment Centers. Caron Treatment Centers, located in the U.S., is a leading provider of treatment for drug and alcohol dependency with over 50 years of experience. Caron Bermuda provides Bermuda residents, both adult and adolescent, with direct access to quality off-island residential treatment at the Caron US main campus in Pennsylvania and at our Caron Renaissance facility in Boca Raton, Florida, Caron Hanley, Florida and Caron Dallas, Texas. The services offered at Caron US include primary and extended care, relapse prevention methods and family education programmes. Caron has extensive experience in the treatment of co-occurring disorders (i.e. alcoholism and depression) within its patient community. Upon their return to Bermuda, individuals in recovery are able to participate in Caron Bermuda’s non-residential aftercare and group programmes.

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