AIRCARE and Kopa slash AS Cooper Lighting Bill

From the Royal Gazette:

AS Cooper and Sons has slashed the lighting bill in its stores by about three-quarters by installing LED lights.

AS Cooper and Sons teamed up with AIRCARE and KOPA Group, a US based lighting solutions company, and replaced the lights on the first three floors with a custom designed LED lighting package.

Managing director Somers Cooper said apart from slashing the company’s lighting bill by between 65 percent and 75 percent LED lights operate cooler, saving air conditioning costs.

“The staff love the new lighting,” Mr Cooper said. “They feel that everything looks better, colours ‘pop’ and there are no more dark spots in the various departments.

“They especially love the ‘Coopervision’ in the ladies’ fitting rooms on both the second and third floors.

“It allows the customer to choose from three customised lighting settings in each fitting room to simulate day to evening and was developed by the engineers at KOPA and is thought to be the first of its kind.”

The project, which was recently completed, was a new departure for AIRCARE, which specialises in maintaining facilities and their mechanical infrastructure.

Craig Stevenson, AIRCARE’s manager, business development and sales, said many of the firm’s clients were interested in additional energy saving opportunities.

Rick Castro, vice-president of sales and business development at the KOPA Group, said: “It goes without saying that the cost of electricity is abnormally high on the Island.

“In my opinion, not considering an LED option in a new design-build or facility wide re-lamping project would be a disservice to whomever is stuck paying the bill after its completion.

“As for interest, there seems to be a good amount on the Island, however as with any capital improvement, the focus seems to be on initial price point.

“After a few not so positive experiences on the Island, projects like AS Cooper will serve to educate the consumer as to what is possible, the same process Europe and the US has gone through.”

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