AIRCARE to relocate to Serpentine Road

Originally presented in the Royal Gazette.

It’s all change for AIRCARE, with the company in the process of moving from Mill Creek to the former Bermuda Gas showroom and offices.

The move is being done in stages. Everything will be completed by the end of this month.

The new location, at 25 Serpentine Road, will be more visible and central for customers, two of the reasons why general manager Brendan Stones pursued the plan for the relocation.

“The building became available, and it is a more efficient office and warehouse space. It increases our visibility and will be easier for people to visit,” he said.

Another plus for the company is escaping the perennial problem of flooding along Mill Creek, Pembroke, during heavy rain.

Bermuda Gas closed its 2,850 square foot showroom last year. It is now being refitted for AIRCARE’s use. New display racking has been installed in the showroom, which will give the company the chance to put on show the various products it sells, something it has not been able to do before.

The main showroom has been partitioned, with one section to be used by technicians.

To the rear of the showroom and offices is a large warehouse, complete with loading bays for easy access.

Although the summer months are a busy time due to the demand for air conditioning installation, servicing and maintenance, the company is hopeful it can relocate its team in stages with minimum disruption to its day-to-day operations, and uninterrupted support for customers.

The company has also called in some outside specialists to assist with aspects of the move.

AIRCARE has a staff of 64. Its sales team has already moved to the Serpentine Road location.

Mr Stones said: “All the administrative staff are upstairs. The moving has worked well so far. We are going to move everything here by the end of September.”

He said the relocation would benefit the company by bringing its various teams together.

The Serpentine Road property is owned by Ascendant Group, the ultimate parent company of AIRCARE.

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