The latest generation air conditioning system introduced to Bermuda could save businesses a small fortune.

AIRCARE, through its overseas partner Daikin, has introduced a latest generation VRV system – Variable Refrigerant Volume – which can produce approximately a 30 percent energy savings. While the Daikin VRV systems have been on the Island for nearly 15 years, the Daikin VRV IV is the latest version.

It allows individual control by separate offices – so the air conditioning for an entire floor does not have to be left on for one person working at the weekend – and one piping network can service up to 62 different spaces.

In addition it is a very quiet operation and has a small footprint and so takes up very little space outside.

At Washington Properties, AIRCARE installed dedicated outdoor units for each floor allowing for individual tenant billing, and system redundancy.

Marlyn Kelch, AIRCARE’s Project and Maintenance Consultant, said the system has been installed for Digicel and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, who are both based in the Washington Mall.

“For the Bermuda Tourism and Digicel projects we were able to meet very tight renovation timelines, while offering the flexibility to customize the system to meet the tenant’s exact needs,” said Mr Kelch.

“An Intelligent Manager is installed to allow remote web access to system for service, control, and scheduling so we are able to dial in from our office to assist the customer and make scheduling adjustments.

“It is a very good feature for tenants that work outside of normal weekday hours, and on weekends. Offices that run out of normal hours can operate much more efficiently with the ability to operate the equipment at just 11% of its total capacity,” added Mr Kelch.

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