New scheme helps landlords save money and upgrade properties

A leading air conditioning and facilities management firm has come up with a unique solution to help landlords upgrade empty offices to rent without paying up-front for the work.

The AIRCARE scheme also means that landlords will save money spent on energy allowing them to invest in other upgrades to attract new clients.

Alison Soares, AIRCARE’s facilities consultant, has just returned from a training course in Pittsburg, USA, on preventative maintenance with an emphasis on studying the existing infrastructure of aging commercial facilities, and financially analyzing their sustainable needs for the future.

Ms Soares said: “Once the client agrees to a thorough building analysis, and once completed, AIRCARE and the client will work together to co-author a solution that makes financial sense”.

She added: “A multi-year facilities management and maintenance agreement is drafted with a building owner for them to be able to afford improve or replace existing critical infrastructure items such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and all other elements that contribute to energy savings such as lighting and window glazing.

“In Bermuda there is a vast amount of inventory in the commercial rental market, and unfortunately many building owners cannot make improvements if they have empty space not producing a sufficient rental income.

“AIRCARE has developed a strategy that allows building owners to make the improvements and replacements now through performance-based agreements, without the owner having to find the money to fund it up front.

“After we have implemented our solutions, their building is more energy efficient, allowing them to spend less on energy and more on other investment projects to attract new tenants.”

Ms Soares, who worked in the construction field for 15 years as a manager before joining AIRCARE, is working with several building owners in Hamilton and outside the city to work out ways to cut their existing operating costs while simultaneously undertaking major improvements, funded out of future energy savings.

It is estimated that there is enough empty office space in Hamilton alone to house about 4,000 people.

“We understand that times are tough at the moment for landlords of office space and we think this is a good way to help them keep their properties up to date to make them more marketable while at the same time saving money,” said Ms Soares.


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