What is the AHRI Certification?

AHRI Certified




Explanation of AHRI Std. 1230 Certification Program

  • AHRI 1230 has test and rating requirements for VRF Multi-Split Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment.
  • It allows manufacturers to rate, test and certify their ratings*
  • It provides the ability to show the true VRV benefits during part load cooling operation (IEER) and low outdoor ambient heating capacity
  • All efficiency values are based on the total system performance including:
  • Outdoor unit capacity output and power input
  • Indoor unit capacity output and power input
  • The tested piping length increases based on the increase in system capacity to reflect real life building performance
  • The efficiency levels shown are for Ducted, Non-Ducted and Mixed indoor unit combinations

System Efficiency Ratings Metrics

Cooling Full Load – Energy Efficiency RatioEER
Cooling Integrated (part load) Energy Efficiency RatioIEER
High Temperature Coefficient of PerformanceCOP (47°F)
Low Temperature Coefficient of PerformanceCOP (17°F)
Simultaneous Cooling and Heating Efficiency (Heat Recovery Only)SCHE

*Systems sized 65-300MBH are certified to ANSI/AHRI 1230-2010. Systems above 300MBH are rated to ANSI/AHRI 1230-2010.
Systems under 65MBH are currently certified to AHRI 210/240.
EER and COP ratings for the Daikin’s VRVIII PB series are subject to the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) waiver issued in Washington, D.C. and published in the Federal Register / Vol. 76, No. 114 / Tuesday, June 14, 2011 / 34,685. IEER ratings are as defined in ASHRAE 90.1-2010.

For more information goto http://www.ahrinet.org/