Daikin® is a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Over the past 80 years, Daikin has sold millions of systems throughout Asia, Europe and South America, with the average system consistently up and running nearly 20 years after installation.

Today, Daikin is revolutionizing air conditioning in the North American market and Bermuda with some of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions ever introduced. These intelligent, energy efficient systems provide an unprecedented level of individual comfort and control. It’s a leap beyond air conditioning to the experience of complete comfort. A notion so unique that it’s an integral part of the Daikin brand. We are Daikin® AC™ — Absolute Comfort.™

The DAIKIN Difference

Daikin is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. We develop and optimize every system, so that each component works flawlessly with the next, delivering maximum performance and Absolute Comfort.

As a world leader in technological innovation, we’ve initiated and funded a wide range of research programs in areas that directly impact our air conditioners — ranging from mechanics and electronics to chemicals and fluorocarbons. It’s with all of this knowledge that we build Absolute Comfort into every product we develop.

Absolute Comfort is a leap beyond conventional air conditioning, an advanced solution that delivers:

  • Confidence from having customizable solutions for any size facility.
  • Control that comes from revolutionary technology that continually readjusts to your needs.
  • Flexibility to expand as your changing needs grow.
  • Security of being backed by one of the best warranties in the business as well as outstanding customer service and technical support from our Bermuda Distributor, AIRCARE Limited.