Daikin Solutions

Commercial sites can range in size from a few hundred to several thousands of square feet. That’s why Daikin® offers a range of systems with advanced features to meet practically any challenge:

  • Suit any type of indoor environment
  • Fit any detailed zoning plan
  • Wired and wireless control
  • Low noise level
  • Smooth, consistent air flow

Why Daikin Is the Right Choice

Daikin’s flexible, reliable, and energy-efficient air conditioning systems deliver Absolute Comfort™ to nearly any building, making it the ideal solution for:

VRV is a commercially applied air-conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant, rather than water, to multiple fan coil units in the conditioned spaces.

VRV systems are available in several versions:

The Features of VRV:

  • Energy efficient
  • Configuration in many zones possible (individual control – up to 41 zones on one piping network)
  • Centralized system (long piping – up to 3,280ft total)
  • Tight control (with Proportional Integral Derivative, variable speed “Inverter” compressors, electronic expansion valves)
  • Large capacity (modular systems combination)
  • High level control (BACnet®, LONWorks, Intelligent Manager, Intelligent Touch Controller)
  • Quiet operation (down to 25dB(A) indoor)
  • Superior heating performance
  • Absolute comfort

With these attributes, VRV naturally competes/positions wherever traditional chilled water systems are desired. It has all the benefits of a high end chilled water systems within a single-provider package eliminating the need for large plant rooms, external equipment such as large ductwork, pumps, water pipes etc.

Daikin provides a complete engineered solution including outdoor units (condensers – including compressors and heat exchangers) and indoor fancoil units (in many different sizes and styles) as well as the controls. When comparing the Daikin VRV system to a chilled water plant, it is obvious to realize the ease of installation, the cost reduction of ancillary equipment, the space and layout benefits and no need of structural reinforcement.

The VRV systems integrates cutting-edge inverter technology to give you total control over your entire building. The intelligent inverter system gives added control over the rotational speed of the compressor, which allows the amount of refrigerant flowing in the system to vary depending upon fluctuating needs. This delivers maximum efficiency during partial load conditions and provides precise temperature control in all zones.

By using inverter technology, Daikin compressors run continuously at a minimum variable speed that matches the capacity of the current load. By running the compressor continuously rather than ON/OFF, the room experiences better dehumidification and the compressor incurs less stress.