Improving the Health of Healthcare

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Sometimes Absolute Comfort™ means more than just feeling good about your surroundings. For a hospital, airflow is a matter of life and death. The potential for bacterial transmission is great enough without the air conditioners becoming a source themselves.

With positive condensate drainage and the ability to be duct-free, Daikin® systems do not encourage the growth of biological contaminants. Nor do they permit any one unit the chance to share “bad” air with another.

Total zone control allows for:

  • Individual space temperatures for patients
  • Additional cooling or heating due to patient room equipment
  • Effortlessly handling changing humidity levels

Want more comfort? Back-up compressor technology offers consistent operation, even in emergencies. More importantly, breakdowns can be isolated, so potential failures, however unlikely, would only affect a small portion of the facility.

Daikin systems are particularly gentle on assisted-living patients. Systems can be installed in a single day, minimizing disruption. Plus, remote controls allows patients with limited mobility to control their own comfort levels – minimizing demands on the nursing staff.