Hotels & Conference Facilities

Rooms with Comfort

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When it comes to hotels, all share the same basic requirements: the comfort needs of customers and the ease-of-operation for the staff. Daikin® systems offer significant comfort benefits:

For hotel guests:

  • Precision room temperature control
  • Ease of temperature control
  • Quiet environment for guests

For hotel operators:

  • Front desk controls activation and deactivation of the system based on check-ins and check-outs
  • Pre-sets for maximum and minimum temperature allowances for each room
  • Zone-specific capabilities for optimum air flow to specific areas, such as breakfast rooms and corridors
  • During hotel upgrades, separate zones can be turned on as each unit is installed with no need to shut down. Rooms not yet upgraded remain available for guest occupancy.

For conference centers:

  • Daikin’s inverter technology automatically adjusts the amount of air-conditioning to a room based on the number of people occupying it. So whether there are 10 or 500 people in a room, the system maintains the desired temperature.
  • Through the use of smaller modular systems, any failure (however unlikely) affects only one portion of a building at a time.