A Healthy Environment for Learning

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Attaining a healthy environment at schools is vital. By eliminating large ductwork, Daikin® inverter technology provides a healthier alternative for both students and teachers.

Besides preventing the growth of bacteria and mold in drains and ducts, Daikin systems:

  • Run quietly so students can better focus on their lessons.
  • Allow schools to vary their occupancy levels and use of space during summer school and night classes.
  • Only condition schoolrooms that are in use for increased energy savings.

Advanced controls with BACnet® and LonWorks® can interface with central stations and building management systems. And when it’s time to add on new rooms, Daikin’s ease of installation means there’s no need for major building modifications.

Modular systems are flexible for the specialized needs of computer rooms (whose heat exhaust can become a heat source if the recovery system is selected) and libraries (which require efficient dehumidification to protect books and documents.)