VRV-S – Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

VRV-S – The solution for light commercial, condominium and residential applications

The VRV-S completes the mix of VRV systems offering by allowing the technology to be available at smaller capacity. With 1 phase power supply 208-230V, it is available with an air-cooled heat pump condenser. A maximum of 6 indoors unit for the 3-Ton and 8 indoor units for the 4-Ton model, the versatility of the VRV-S makes it ideal for most light commercial or residential projects — retail store, small office, restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility, school, multi-family townhouse, condo or single-family home.


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The VRV-S system is a high efficient solution for small offices requiring heating and cooling of up to 8 zones. In a small office installation, a combination of ducted and duct-free indoor units can be combined to provide individual comfort and ease of installation. Imagine the reception, the meeting room, the president’s office, all part of the same system but yet able to have different set temperature, being off without affecting other areas realizing tremendously energy savings compared to traditional centralized systems.

Whether you’re working with space constraints or want to maximize the amount of commercial space available, the VRV-S system gives you the flexibility you need. With its simple, versatile design and long piping (Up to 492ft actual piping length one way), the VRV-S can accommodate practically any floor layout, enabling better use of space.
Its advanced zoning capabilities allow floor-by-floor installation so that each floor can be occupied quickly upon completion. And, because the outdoor units are lightweight and vibration-free, there’s no need to reinforce floors, reducing both installation time and costs.


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A VRV-S system can connect up to 8 indoor fan coils from one system. It is ideal in residential applications where every zones can be individually controlled to save energy. Imaging a house where the master bedroom can be controlled independently from the other bedroom (and turn off the units in guest rooms), where the living space can be set at 75F when the kitchen can be set lower if the entire family is reunited. That’s the power of the VRV-S.