Stephon gets hands-on experience

Stephon Paynter has now enjoyed his third week as a summer student with AIRCARE – part of a partnership between AIRCARE and IMPACT Mentoring Academy, which aims to give young Bermudians a taste of technical training.

The 15-year-old was working at the St. George’s Club helping to install three new air conditioning units, but had done quite a bit of other work as well.  Being the smallest, Stephon was asked to get up into a roof space where, he said, he was terrified of meeting a rat!

But he added: “I am getting to see some interesting stuff. There are definitely other students at IMPACT who could benefit from what I’m doing.”

As well as practical hands-on work, Stephon has been given homework (including some homework on refrigeration (, which he has also found very useful.

Brendan Stones, AIRCARE’s General Manager, said: “It’s obvious that Stephon is making big strides and it’s been great to have him on the team.

“In our industry, in particular, there is a shortage of Bermudians coming through and it is great to see Stephon learning so much during his time with us.”

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